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What’s working in day trading now?

What’s the difference between day trading strategies of professional traders and those of amateur traders?

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“Trade Strategies of the Pros”

Each video is a quick 5-minute tutorial demonstrating one professional trading strategy that most amateur traders are completely unaware of.

Here are some of the topics of these quick videos:

  • How to determine the trend with confidence (no more having the market turn against you right after you take your trade).
  • How to know if the market is going to reverse its trend, or simply make a brief retrace and then continue in the direction of the trend.
  • How the pros run stops (learn how to avoid getting your stops run, and even follow the pros in their stop running if you want to).
  • How to determine professional smart money volume from amateur volume (and yes you can use volume in your Forex trading!).
  • How to time your entries for optimal profits and to avoid getting stopped out.

You probably already know that trading is very risky and most people don’t make money. While that’s true, and no one can guarantee your success, I’m happy to share with you my trading knowledge and what’s working for me.

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